Laser Printer Over Inkjet Printer: Top Seven Reasons

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Laser Printer Over Inkjet Printer: Top Seven Reasons

Submitted by: Jean Cota

Almost as universal as the dilemma of whether to buy a house or rent, and with an equal number of factors for and against each decision, is the decision between buying an inkjet and laser printer! Each type of printer has its own ups, its own downs, its varying capital and ongoing costs for ink cartridges,laser toner, etc. However, they are not the same by any measure… there is certainly a ‘best’ type of printer for you, according to your printing habits. We help you find it!

Vaules of inkjet printers exist.Nobody can deny with any credibility that those printers do have some great features.But it must also be said that a laser printer is a much wiser choice.The advantages of laser printers are huge, making them far superior to the inkjet.To sate the curiousity of those who wonder, the following gives the INSERT advantages that will be yours when you choose a laser printer.

1 – Toner accounts for the many more copies that a laser printer can turn out as opposed to an inkjet printer. Yes,a toner can produce more copies than a cartridges of an inkjet. Over time, a toner can prove to save a significant amount of money over time.

2 – Do you need a printer that can make copies fast as possible? If you do then you should consider a laser printer since it has more speed than an ink jet printer. Inkjet can most certainly not be used when it is time bound.

3 — Laser printers have a tendency to be more durable. Their design is much more aesthetic and futuristic. This allows the printers to deliver on their ?life expectancy’ far longer than an inkjet. To be honest, would you actually buy a printer only too witness it’s breakdown or death in just a few months? A better option to help you save your expenditures would certainly be to purchase a laser printer..

4 – Quality of image is the most important benifit for buying a laser printer. A laser printer is of the highest quality because of the details of the pictures and texts you would get from it. Forget about imperfections such as streaks, smears, and filminess. Choose a laser printer over an inkjet, if the quality of the images produced is your first matter of concern.

5 – Should a mistake be made while instaling, an inkjet cartridge might start to leak. If you buy a laser printer, you won’t have to worry about ink leaking from the cartridge and thereby causing damage to your printer.

6 – Laser printers are much more cut out for business use than an inkjet. You do not want to add a printer that does little to improve the operation of the office. Stick with a laser printer and avoid a number of hassles.

7 – And that aforementioned business benefit which u can apply for serious home use as well.

It’s true that you can only gain benefits when you buy a laser printer.

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Most likely, pricing is the tipping point between the two systems. While an inkjet is initially cheaper, in the long run, the cost of cartridges can really add up. Some provider companies do not earn much on the unit. In turn, they increase the price of ink cartridges to maximize profits. Many inkjet systems require different cartridges for each color, which can really increase regular maintenance costs.

A laser printer copier, on the contrary, will initially cost more, but have more affordable ink prices. Most of these are monochrome, meaning only black-and-white copies, so there are not multiple cartridges to replace. Typically, units that do have a color option only use a single color cartridge. There is less to buy and replace with this option.

Different Needs

An efficient office needs hardware suited for its specific needs. If your company is printing out reports, manuals, or other documents that are made up mainly of words with little to no graphics, then a laser printer copier is the way to go. These systems print crisp, clear text quicker than traditional inkjet. While they are traditionally not as good at doing photos or graphics, newer models are making strides to improve image quality.

For printing photos or documentation with heavy graphics, an inkjet is the way to go. These systems produce flawless images with an unmatched quality when compared to competing systems.

Speed and Two-Sided Printing

If speed is central to your business, then avoid an inkjet. This system pounds each dot of ink into the page, creating a rich image at the expense of speed.

In addition, a laser printer copier has superior paper handling options. Most of these models can hold up to 250 sheets in the main tray and frequently have a second tray for additional paper. Many allow duplex (two-sided) printing, which, in the end, can save companies time and money.

When choosing between a laser printer copier and an inkjet copier, remember to consider your small business budget, production needs, and functional needs. These considerations will help you find the best match for your budget and small business.

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