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Laser Printer Videos

Here is a selection of videos about laser printers as well as easy to follow tips and information and your questions answered about laser printer toner and other printer supplies ...

How a Color Laser Printer Works
This animated video takes a look at the electrophotographic process used by HP® CP2600 laser printers to create vivid color prints.
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Five of the Best Laser Printers Compared
In this video we compare the 5 Best Laser Printers designed for different kinds of users, taking into account performance, features and price, helping you to decide which one is best for you.
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Inkjet vs Laser Printers Compared
Shopping for a printer can be a challenge if you don't understand the advantages and disadvantages of different printer technologies. This video will help.
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How Does a Laser Printer Work?
This video goes inside a laser printer engine looking at the basic components and how they work together. We also shed light on the technological marvel : toner - how it's made and why the wrong toner can kill your laser printer.
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Glowforge 3D Laser Printer
The Glowforge 3D laser printer simplifies laser cutting by moving software to the cloud and making use of smartphone sensors which lowers the price and makes the Glowforge very easy to use.
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Best Laser Printer For Home Use
A comparison of the best color and mono laser printers, combining excellent print quality with affordable prices and low running costs.
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The Difference Between Inkjet and Laser Printers

Read more about decorative laser paper.

The HP Neverstop Laser Printer
The HP Neverstop Laser Printer saves you money over time and provides Smart Tasks that combine tasks into one action.
Read more about laser cutting paper.

Testing 10 Home Printers
New ink-tank printers help you save money on ink says Joanna Stern after testing 10 home printers from Epson, HP, Brother and Canon to tell you which ones are worth buying.
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Pros and Cons : Inkjet vs. Laser Printers
This video breaks down the difference between the two primary types of printers: inkjet and laser, as well as the pros and cons of each.
Read more about bulk laser toner.

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How to Differentiate Between Laser Printers & Inkjet Printers

By Putra Ramadhan
Which printer do you need to buy - laser or inkjet? Which is better suited to your home & office needs? Learn how to differentiate between the laser printers & inkjet printers & invest prudently.

How to Select the Best Laser Printer

By Bobby Hudson
Printer has two ways to produce a picture, an inkjet printer produces a picture by spraying very small dots of ink onto the paper while a laser printer produces a picture by throwing powdered ink to paper which goes by an electrically charged drum. If you have needs to print more photos or graphics and less text-based documents, you had better buy an inkjet printer. But if you have needs to print so many text-based documents, a laser printer will be the best choice for you. Choosing the right device for printing is very important because if you frequently print many documents then you use an inkjet printer, you will spend more money for the cartridges over the expense of toner over the lifetime of a laser printer.

Inkjet Printers Vs Laser Printers

By Erin Wong
Choosing a printer can be a daunting task and entails balancing price, speed, and print quality. In order to figure this out you first need to figure out whether a laser printer or inkjet printer is best for your needs.

Disadvantages of a Laser Printer

By Enid Edginton
There are very few disadvantages to owning a laser printer in general but one of them is definitely the cost. The money that you could spend on a very high-end inkjet printer will only buy you a very low-end color laser printer with limited capacities. Color laser printers with multi-functions such as a copier and a fax all in one are even more expensive. However a middle of the line black and white laser printer is comparable to the price of a top of the line color inkjet printer.

Laser Printer: The Better Printing Option

By Daniel James Kilburn
Laser printer is a very common term that many of us get to hear today. Almost all offices have switched to laser printers from the traditional ink jet ones. The laser printers have many benefits over the regular ink jet printers which makes them a better printing option in most cases.

How to Choose a New Desktop Color Laser Printer

By Sarah Patricks
There were many color laser printers to choose from and the initial price points run from a low of $150 to a high in the neighborhood of $3,500. What differentiates these desktop color laser printers is the total cost of ownership...

Laser Printer Buying Guides

By Henery Cruz
If you are looking to purchase laser printer, here are some features of laser printers which would be helpful to those who are purchasing laser printer or those who need information about laser printers. Laser printers give the highest quality text and images among the printers. Laser printers got different models.

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